Thursday, November 20, 2014

Overheard: The Weaslys and manliness

I have a swimmer who says the most random and hilarious stuff. The most recent: I'm somewhere between manliness and bar mitzvah.

I just laughed. The kid in question is about six!


There's a girl who I refer to as my Honorary Fifth Child because I used to watch her in the AM before school. We carpool to CCD together and like to chat about Harry Potter and Doctor Who. Last night, the little boys were running down hallways at the school and she said, "You know, you're family reminds me of the Weaslys, minus three kids and the ginger."

I jokingly said, "Do I look like Molly Weasly?" and did a, "NOT MY DAUGHTER!" imitation.

And that, dear readers, is why our parish thinks we are nuts.

I have lost my desire....

to move near my cousins in Buffalo. I remember insanely cold winters and heavy snow when we lived in Upstate New York but nothing like this "lake effect" storm. I mean, we get nutty weather in the midwest but since there is a distinct lack of lakes in my area... no lake effect storms. We also get ice storms more than snow storms. Nothing like this!

I am not going to complain about how cold it is here, how cold my husband keeps the house or how I'm kinda glad the boys are insisting on sleeping with me all night because they keep the bed toasty! I'm thankful we don't have 70+ inches for snow!

Happy birthday George!

Our giant monster preemie turned SIX this morning! He started the day off with a bang, fighting with his brother over a dollar bill. No. Really.

Adam is out of town all week so we had his family party a few days early. My parents and in-laws came over for dinner, presents and cake. We had beer and cheese soup for the grown-ups, hot dogs for the kids and Minecraft cake for everyone. George got two new pairs of jammies (one with a yeti on it!), LEGO, a new shirt and a scooter. He was pretty happy and pretty spoiled!

On Sunday, Mom, Camille and I went shopping and I got some Christmas shopping done. We took my mom into Justice and I think we scarred her for life. She's still seeing neon and glitter. We picked up some take-and-bake pizzas on the way home and Adam left for the Frozen Tundra early the next morning. Mom stayed two days to help me but I am on my own today and tomorrow. (ACK!)

It's been an "all about George" week. We went to Bass Pro to look at the holiday decorations and the
fish. We went in the afternoon and the place was dead. He had free range of all the games and did really well shooting ducks with a bow and arrow. I joke that he's ready for The Hunger Games!

Tuesday was busy because it was a (damn) early release day. I had to explain pick up and drop off times to my mom 10-20 times AND write them down AND I'm still not sure how much she understood. She now full gets why I complain about those days all the time! Still, she picked up the kids at the right time and place so all was well. We hung around, made popcorn chains to hang on the tree for the birds and helped the kids with homework until I had to leave for work, Then Mom made them a full breakfast for dinner, including bacon and sausage! Nice! Our pancake loving six year old was in heaven!

Wednesday brought Grams leaving and a busy night with piano (George) and CCD (everyone). I normally leave Cole with Adam but he went with me that night. Cole actually did really well, sat nicely and listened to the story. George's CCD class is nuts, though, so it was a typically busy night. I think we all fell asleep as soon as we got home!

Today's been a "the more things change, the more they stay the same" day. Six years ago our oldest was four and a half; now, our YOUNGEST is that same age! Six years ago I read Edward's story on-line and was planning on seeing Twilight in theaters. Now, I'm reading stuff about THG on-line and going to see Mockingjay tomorrow night with some friends. I picked up turkeys for the NICU Thanksgiving today; George is the reason for the Thanksgiving. All in all, pretty cool.

His party with his friends will be Sunday (just a small, at home thing) and then Adam's brother is coming into town. Having his uncle here will be so much fun for him! I think we're going to put up Christmas decorations on Black Friday and we're going to meet some friends that Saturday. He's going to be happy and worn out!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Huh, there's a game on tonight?

The World Series begins tonight. You can literally feel the excitement in the air! The entire town is decked out in Royals colors and my kids are wearing their shirts and jerseys. It's funny to think that the last time they were in a World Series, my sister-in-law wasn't even born yet. Neither was my sister! My brother was in diapers. Only five or six states had seat belt laws and babies were still put to sleep on their tummies.

The game starts at seven, local time, so we should still have plenty of swimmers tonight, although I wouldn't blame them if they skipped practice to watch the game.

Once I get home, I will probably put Cole to bed and write, since my writer's block seems to have broken. Here's hoping they win AND I get lots of writing done.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Update on us all

Wow. Long time, no blog. I knew it had been awhile but I didn't realize how long. I kept thinking of things to blog about but never got around to it. My days have been super busy and now I am gone two+ nights a week.

Let's see: ME! I'm coaching a pre-competitive program now. I wasn't sure I wanted to take this position as I wanted to COACH and be on deck and this sounded more like swimming lessons. It isn't; it's more of a hands on swim team. We're halfway through the season and I hope my contract is renewed for after the holidays. I'm learning alot from the head coach and I really enjoy the swimmers.

Adam is lukewarm on me working at night, especially since there are weeks where I am gone every night. He basically told me that interferes with his time to do stuff, to which I said, "tough cookies." I wasn't as nice as that, though. With the Royals in the World Series (yaaaay), it means he can't come home, walk the dog, and watch baseball. He has to help with homework and do stuff around the house. HOWEVER, I am much, much happier coaching. I really enjoy getting out without the kids and doing something for me. Plus, it bring in money and I've lost a little weight. I think my days are typically more organized because I know I can't put off XYZ until the next day or night. I need to get the kids started on homework, have a snack and dinner ready to go if I want to come home to a decent house and happy family.

My book is... coming along. No bites from agents yet and I'm currently on hold with queries while I work on some scenes. I'm still ahead of my goal to really be seeking representation by the new year. However, I am so brain dead by the evening that many times, I don't have the energy to write anything.

Joe: Oh, this child. This child. I went to schools on military bases or ones with a high military-kid population. I had a mouth and a temper. And I never, ever got into the trouble this child is getting into. I'm not sure if the school is unreasonably strict, the policies are not developmentally appropriate  or there's other stuff going on. I suspect the answer is "yes." We have a meeting about all this during conferences. He's being an archer for Halloween and his costume came out FABULOUS!

The Princess: She's in a holding pattern and doing well. I'm still looking for books to motivate her to read but I haven't found That Book yet. For Joe, it was Percy Jackson. For me, I think it was The Baby-Sitter's Club. We'll find it; just need to keep looking. She's going as Princess Leia... when she gives medals to Luke and Hans. Way to make it easy on me, kid. ;P

George: IEP meeting coming up. He is doing SO WELL in kindy and has friends. I have a few points I want to make at the  meeting, like how we should ask George to point to letters instead of saying the name. F and X sound exactly alike when he says them, so there's no way to tell if he knows which letter is which! He's a blue Power Ranger and his costume is DONE.

Cole: Speaking of this kid... he's scared of Halloween decor. That means any plans to get him OUT of our bed at night have been halted. He also lives off sugar and dairy. He did NOT find it amusing when I went back to work but is adjusting to me being gone. I mean, he's with Daddy so it's not like he's with a sitter 24/7. He's going as the most adorable Captain Rex ever!

In spite of these complaints, everything is going okay around here.  I know coaching two nights a week has been good for me. I'm hopeful things will get straightened out with school soon. And maybe I can get Halloween costumes will get done....

Friday, September 12, 2014

Quick Takes Friday: Gettin' Old and Funerals

1. So my hairdresser said she didn't see any grey hairs last night. Now, she has no reason to lie to me because she would make MORE money off me if I was gettin' grey. I should rejoice, right? No because YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? My eyesight is going! I'm as blind as an eyeless bat so it's not like I have sight TO LOOSE.


2. Our church called today and asked if Joseph would be an Alter Server at a funeral tomorrow. He's already serving the daily Mass before that, so I said yes. He's fine with it. I'm not sure if I should be like, "Yay, Joe! They think you're good enough to serve at a funeral!" or be all, "that's sad," because, um, funeral.

3. Yep, one of our kiddos is an Alter Server. You have to be in the fifth grade to be one. Camille is bummed but it will be her turn soon.

4. Ninja Alter Server Picture:

Taking "defending the faith" to a whole new level.

5. The adorable Elf on the Shelf:

If this kid doesn't come up with a decent Halloween costume idea, I'm sticking his red sweater on him, red sweat pants and sending him as the Elf on the Shelf. He picked out the color and yarn and my mom made the sweater. It just happens that he look HILARIOUSLY like the Elf!

6. Fall finally arrived, weather wise. I have not, however, had a pumpkin spice latte. That is just sad.

7. The official Mockingjay trailer is out in a few days and I am DYING. Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Things Fall Apart

And by "things" I mean me. My body.

I turned 35 last month. I love my birthday because, hello, CAKE and my mother always makes my favorite pie and it is ALL MINE and I DON'T HAVE TO SHARE. Oh, and presents, even if I do tend to buy them myself, give them to my husband saying, "Guess what you got me for my birthday!" and act surprised when I open them.

Did I say PIE?

A lot of my friends have issues with getting older but I'm mostly "meh" about the whole thing. I love an excuse to go out to eat and get presents so I still consider my birthday fun. Plus, it's gonna happen anyway so I might as well enjoy it, right?

(We'll ignore the fact that my sister pointed out I'm halfway to 70 and my dad commented on how old I am. I'm in the market for a new dad and sister; inquire via e-mail.)

So, anyway, birthday = yay! Until this month.

It began with (TMI) the longest cycle in four years. Being Catholic and using NFP, I keep track of the who, what, when and where of my cycle and this one was dragging on a week longer than normal. I was getting nervous, although my mother said this began happening to her around my age. What is this, peri-peri menopause? I'm not ready for this malarkey.

After that, I noticed my pants and skirts getting tighter. I haven't changed my dietary habits so I'm not sure what's up with that. I did take this as a hint to hit the treadmill more often, which I have been doing. Fall should be here soon and I'll be able to take walks more often.

The long cycles and weight gain I can deal with, grudgingly, but then! Today! I found a GREY HAIR in my bangs. Oh, HECK NO. I had one last year, in my eyebrows, and I just had that sucker waxed away. It didn't return so I chalked it up to stress and grief. But this one! in my bangs! I treat my hair so nice... pricey vegan shampoo! gentle scrubbings! no dye! And this is how it repays me?! Nope. No. Not happening.

This is war, people, all out hair war. I'm going in for a trim tomorrow and plan to ask my hairdresser if there are any more nasty little suckers in there. If there are, I will not be going grey with grace and dignity. Nope. Goin' down fighting over here, with a box of hair dye clutched in my grubbing paws.

I might be getting older, I might feel older but I'm not going to look older. Nope.